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How to join us?


Our Creative Product Design undergraduate programs is mostly conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Accordingly, Madarin Chinese proficiency is required and some certificate needs to be provided to demonstrate your language ability when you apply for admission.

Please visit the following sites for further information.

→ Asia University Student Recruit Department
→ International Admissions
→ Scholarship
→ Student Visa



If you’re interested in applying

The Creative Product Design program is designed for those who show a strong passion for art and design. We are looking for positive students who are willing to take challengs, and dedicated to making the world a better place to live.



Portfolio preparation advice

You should prepare your portfolio that can demonstrate your current design skills, creativity and ability in relation to your application. They may include the following:

  • * design research, mood boards, product analysis
  • * conceptual idea sheets 
  • * sketchbooks 
  • * 2D/3D development work
  • * presentation work
  • * life drawings
  • * photography
  • * records of achievements