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What will you study in our department?


Students in our Department learn not only creativity but also craftsmanship as well as respect for professionalism and discipline knowledge, the key competences required for an excellent designer. Today corporations and organizations alike have come to realize the importance of design  to  succeed , while society as a whole is gradually embracing the concept of how design is playing a vital role in lifestyle improvement. As consumer culture continues to shift, the market demands products that help minimize the environmental impact, while seeking some emotional connection with the objects that surround them.


We prepare our students to meet these needs on both local and global scales, giving them the right professional tools for the future. Our curriculum provides a foundation for design, as it covers such comprehensive fields as user-centered philosophy, manufacturing processes, research methodologies, and design management. Our students can also acquire transdisciplinary knowledge and skills, such as good  understanding of materials technologies, global trends and sustainability through the additional programs and transdisciplinary courses they will opt for.


Our curriculum consists of two major tracks: “The Creative Design” and “The Brand and Trend Design”, and they are designed to equip our students with industry level skills, enabling them to become pioneers in product design and related expertise. The curriculum is designed to explore and develop cultural possibilities by utilizing design research methods, meanwhile to focuse on humanistic concern, brand strategy, and popular product design.


These tracks focus on the following themes:

* Sustainable design skill and understanding of their principles, techniques and examples;
* Innovation, hi-tech, humanity and aesthetics of product design;
* Humanistic and ethical responsibilities of the designers’ approach in society;
* Product development in hi-tech goods, green products, objects & activity space for the elderly (EOSA), and package design; alongside the integration of design philosophy, design management, and creative strategic planning and services.


The Department of Creative Product Design cares for student’s individual needs. With innovative curriculum and sufficient teaching resources, we cultivate passion and curiosity in our students to stay aware of the design industry and market trends. Students can fully experience the process of product design through a series of projects, seminars, lectures, and workshops organized by our Department.


Curriculum / Undergraduate Degree Programme

Class of 2021-25(BA) Class of 2020-24(BA) Class of 2019-23(BA)
Class of 2018-22(BA) Class of 2017-21(BA) Class of 2016-20(BA)
Class of 2015-19(BA) Class of 2014-18(BA) Class of 2013-17(BA)
Class of 2012-16(BA) Class of 2011-15(BA)  


Curriculum / Undergraduate Degree Programme - Night Class

Class of 2021-25(BA-night) Class of 2020-24(BA-night) Class of 2019-23(BA-night)
Class of 2018-22(BA-night) Class of 2017-21(BA-night) Class of 2016-20(BA-night)
Class of 2015-19(BA-night) Class of 2014-18(BA-night) Class of 2013-17(BA-night)
Class of 2012-16(BA-night) Class of 2011-15(BA-night)  


Curriculum / Master Degree Programme

Class of 2021(MA) Class of 2020(MA) Class of 2019(MA)
Class of 2018(MA) Class of 2017(MA) Class of 2016(MA)
Class of 2015(MA) Class of 2014(MA)  


Curriculum / Doctoral Degree Programme
Doctoral Degree Curriculum


Curriculum / Interdisciplinary Special Programme
Programme / Medical Health Design
Programme / Cosmetic Design