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About the Department of Creative Product Design

Located in Taichung City, Taiwan, Asia University (AU) is a visionary, pioneering, and fast-growing school, and was founded with the goal of establishing a remarkable and comprehensive university with international competitiveness. Karl Jaspers, a German philosopher, believed that an ideal university must have three features- academic teaching, scientific research, and a creative cultural life, which exactly are what we have been pursuing for years since the establishment of the school.


Our Department of Creative Product Design was established in 2007, with the aim to cultivating young talents who are interested in the socio-economic and cultural contexts of the product design. With “culture and creative thinking” in mind, we endeavor to educate our students to be able to create products which help enrich our daily life and to explore the marvels that product design can offer in combination with the knowledge and skills from the manufacturing, trade and service sectors.


Our Department of Creative Product Design aims to achieve academic excellence and stay competitive in the global society t. After completing the courses students will acquire professional skills to resolve and communicate the technical and manufacturing aspects of product design projects. Our Department also provides guidance and training in business strategy, CIS design, and product design management.