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Asia University is committed to cultivating world class citizens with humanism qualities and first-class expertise. While facilitating exchange in both means of theory and practice to promote distinctive research, character education and internationalization are also highly developed. Talented individuals learn to possess merits reflecting AU’s core values of Health, Care, Innovation, and Excellence.

Established in 2007, AU’s Department of Creative Product Design has unfaltered to intuitively tap into market demands, to effortlessly transform user experience and technological advancements into long-lasting designs worthy of desire. Students have access to a vast array of resources, from design workshops, competition opportunities, academic-industry partnerships, to even career planning sessions, amongst other extracurricular events to aid in academic growth.

Craftsmanship, Professional, Discipline. The 3 objectives for Department of Creative Product Design, instructing our fledging product designers to elevate ordinary lifestyles with sophistication. In response to rapidly fluctuating social needs, designers should assume the role of a cross-domain “strategy aggregator” accordingly, to unite software with hardware, product and service with finesse. Design will become an undisputed force for resource optimization, not to mention being a trendsetting pioneer in future industries.