Asia University Enters the List of 2021 Best Universities in Asia by THE Reports

  • 2021-06-16
Asia University is ranked No. 139 in the world, No. 10 in Taiwan, No. 3 in Taiwan’s private universities, and No. 1 in non-medical private universities.

The UK Times Higher Education (THE) report announced the 2021 Best Universities in Asia recently, revealing both the China Medical University (CMU) and Asia University (AU) enter the list. Accordingly, the CMU is ranked No. 64 in Asia, No. 4 in Taiwan, as well as No. 2 of the private universities in Taiwan, while AU is ranked No. 139 in Asia, No. 10 in Taiwan, No. 3 in the private universities in Taiwan, and No. 1 in the non-medical private universities. The president of the board of trustees of “China Asia Associated University,” Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai, said that he hopes that the two schools will communicate and cooperate more closely, and improve the quality of teaching and research in academia.

According to the ranking report, this list includes 551 universities from 30 countries and regions across Asia, in which 13 Taiwanese universities enter the top 200 universities. President of AU, Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, said that in the 20th year since the establishment of AU, the school has been ranked as one of the world’s best universities by the THE report, and has been listed in the rankings for seven years continuously, steadily stepping into internationalization with good reputation in the world. In addition, AU has achieved significant growth in competitions of paper citations, international reputation, academic research, etc. this year according to the report, and will continue to work hard toward the goal of establishing a world-known school.

President Tsai also said that five years ago, AU Hospital was founded to provide essential medical cares and services to local people. Moreover, AU established various centers, such as the AI Precision Medical Center, the AI College, and the AI Research Center, to cooperate with the China Medical University Hospital (CMUH), the College of Medical & Health Science, the College of Nursing, and the College of Information & Electrical Engineering, showing that AU drives significant research results and performances in the area of precision medicine.

President Tsai pointed that in order to strengthen the students' competitiveness in the workplace in the era of AI, AU has cooperated with Microsoft in Taiwan and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to set up several AI institutes, including AI research institutes, doctoral classes and elite classes to promote AI education. Furthermore, because the whole school promotes the basic teaching research and cooperation of AI, and offers the comprehensive AI cross-field applications and practical courses, which let each student study the courses of big data (“Big” means “DA 大” in Chinese), artificial intelligence (“artificial” means “created by humans” where “humans” means “REN 人” in Chinese), and IoT (“T” in IoT means “thing” which means “WU 物” in Chinese), and become a “DA REN WU 大人物” in the AI area. As mentioned above, in the past three years, AU’s students and teachers have participated in many AI competitions and have won ten national innovation awards and 33 general awards.

In March of this year, Vice President of Taiwan, Prof. William Ching-te Lai, pointed out in a seminar on “Digital Learning in Trans-epidemic Era” hosted by the “China Asia Associated University” that it is glad to see that CMU and AU can grasp international trends and strive to extend digital learning to the applications of smart learning, smart healthcare, smart finance, and smart university. Furthermore, China Asia Associated University was admired by Vice President Lai because in line with the vision of a “smart country” proposed by the Taiwan government, AU is cultivating talents and developing digital economy.

The R&D Office of AU pointed out that AU is ranked No. 5 in Taiwan in the category of “international reputation.” Furthermore, even in the severe Covid-19 epidemic situation, in this semester AU still attracted more than a thousand foreign students to participate in the “virtual exchange student” online courses of AU in English, showing that the quality and prestige of the university's teaching have been recognized internationally.