C + P + D

Career + Professional + Development


We are committed to help our students launch careers as artists and designers while further strengthening our alumni. Multiple series of professional events provide both students and alumni with a variety of resources and services to facilitate meaningful connections with the professional world. 



In today’s highly competitive job market, planning a career path and honing personal skills prove to be critical than ever. Our career consultation service provides résumé advice in both traditional and electronic portfolio format, interviewing techniques, networking skills and uncovering the global job market. 


We dentify and develop internships, providing students with practical, hands-on work experience under the direction of practicing artists and designers. Our students have been interned at HongSheng Motor, Duckimage, NovaDesign, Center Design, KING TONY, and DEM inc.


Through our C+P+D Talks, leaders of design firms and studios come to campus to introduce their businesses, showcase their work, and engage in conversation with students. Asia University's entrepreneurship program connects students, alumni and peers, and through workshops or presentations build professional networks and skills.

Graduates earn positions at of all levels in the industry. You might work in leading product design companies as product designers or product developers; or in related fields as toy designers, stationary designers, furniture designers, perhaps package designers; or even work independently as freelance designers. Students can also apply for Master and Ph.D. courses in related fields.