iF Concept Design Award  
Accumulated points ranked World #28  (Ranking yesr: 2017)
1 World Top 20, 2 iF Awards, 3 iF Concept Awards, 23 nominated. (May 2016)
Reddot Concept Design Award 
1 Best of the Best, 6 Reddot Awards, 52 nominated.
(August 2015)
Golden Pin Design Award- YODEX
5 Awards, 5 nominated. (May 2016)

Invention Award   
 (2011-May 2016)
4 Official Nation Honor, 1 Assembly Semi Grand Prize, 29 Special Award, 88 Gold, 101 Silver, 66 Bronze.
Times Higher Education: University Ranking 
The Asia university Rankings *  World Top 83  (Nation #10) / 93 (Nation #10)
The 100 Under 50 university rankings*  World Top 99 (Nation #4)
BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings*  World Top 53 (Nation #10) / 86 (Nation #15)

AU in world ranking


About Creative Product Design


Asia University is a private institution based in Taichung City, Taiwan. It has six colleges and 28 departments offering 26 master’s and 6 doctoral programmes. Founded in August of 2007, the bachelor in Creative Product Design is for those who are interested in socio-economic and cultural contexts of product design. Based on ‘the culture and creative thinking’, it encourages students to create products which can enrich people’s daily life with exploring the combination of product design with manufacture’s knowledge and service. 

Creative Product Design aims to achieve academic excellence and to make itself increasingly competitive in the global environment. Students will gain the professional skills to resolve and communicate technical and manufacturing aspects of product design projects. This program also deals with the Business strategy, CIS Design, and product design management.